Northern Lights -- Discography
Northern Lights PhotoAs Northern Lights:

  • NORTHERN LIGHTS (Revonah, 1976)

  • BEFORE THE FIRE COMES DOWN (Revonah, 1983)

  • ON THE EDGE (1987)

  • TAKE YOU TO THE SKY (Flying Fish, 1990)
    w/guest artists Maft Glaser, Alison Krauss, Peter Rowan

  • CAN'T BUY YOUR WAY (Flying Fish, 1992)
    w/guest artists Vassar Clements, Stuart Duncan, Maft Glaser

  • WRONG HIGHWAY BLUES (Flying Fish, 1994)

  • LIVING IN THE CITY (Red House Records, 1996)

As Individuals:

TAYLOR ARMERDING supplied vocals and guitar on Michael Kelly Blanchard's CANTICLE (Koinonia, 1973); mandolin and vocals on Jim Eanes WHERE THE COOL WATERS FLOW (Leather, 1975); mandolin and guitar on Scott Cleveland's album (QBF, 1985); and vocals on Orrin Star's FUN SONGS & FANCY PICKIN (Flying Fish, 1988), as well as Gail Rundiett's "FARTHER ALONG" (Heartwood, 1989).

BILL HENRY contributed lead guitar tracks to Marty Cutler's solo banjo album (Green Linnet, 1985) and played guitar on Orrin Star's FUN SONGS AND FANCY PICKIN (Flying Fish, 1988). Transcriptions of his innovative style are included in Orrin Star's guitar book HOT LICKS FOR BLUEGRASS GUITAR (Oak Publications).

MIKE KROPP, a producer at Columbia Records in the early 1970s, has also appeared on many albums as a studio musician. Among the artists he has performed or recorded with are Oscar Brand, Oliver, Don MacLean, Carole King, Jose Feliciano, Tony Trischka, David Bromberg, and Eric Weissberg. His work appears on Columbia, Capital, Biograph, and ABC Paramount.

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