Never on Sunday, Hunday?

SUTTON BONNINGTON, England (Reuters) -The short but productive life of a fresian bull, Hunday Falcon Five, ended here after he had fathered 50,000 calves. ….He died with 7,500 orders unfilled. “We just couldn’t get Hunday on his feet”, a spokesman said.

The New York Times, Nov. 18, 1968

Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday and Monday
And days in between held no respite for Hunday,
Who never did anything merely by halves
And therefore produced 50,000 new calves.

In his time, it is said, at the time of his peak,
Hunday’s humping begat near a thousand a week,
But at last came the time when no prod or persuasion
Could help hapless Hunday rise to the occasion.


It is whispered, for no one would say it out loud,
That Hunday was finally, thoroughly cowed. 

Reprinted from The Sciences